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Groundwater Wells

HCBC Staff
Created: May 20, 2016

Water Sustainability Act In 2016 the provincial government made changes to the rules governing the use of surface water and groundwater. The new Water Sustainability Act (WSA) is designed to protect B.C.'s water supply and make sure it is managed now and

Groundwater Protection Regulation

The Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) protects groundwater quality and quantity by setting strict standards for the construction and maintenance of wells, establishing qualifications for well drillers and well pump installers, and requiring that most wells be constructed by qualified well drillers who are registered with the province. The GWPR also distinguishes between well related activities that may be carried out by the well owner or property owner, and those activities that must be performed by qualified well drillers, qualified well pump installers and professionals. For more information go to

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