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Showcase Boarding and Hauling at Twin Firs

Boarding and Hauling in Abbotsford, BC. Bring your horse and find what you've been missing...

Board your horse in a private (8 stall) barn located on the pristine Twin Firs Estate...
5696 Ross Rd,
Abbotsford, BC.

Amenities include:
*The freedom to enjoy your horse when you'd like to... early mornings or late evenings.
*Well lit outdoor sand arena for those evening rides or darker fall days.
*Three exclusive beautiful grass fields totaling approximately 5 acres.
*Clean and well organized barn
*First aid supplies on site with manager who has years of equine first aid experience.
*Hot and cold running water wash station.
*Legal dressage size light working area.
*Washrooms (3) on property.
*Horse hauling is also available.

This amazing facility rarely has stalls open. We offer (maximum four horses) small herd paddock turn out for those really nasty days and gorgeous grass field small herd turnout from mid Spring to late Fall.

Horses are nomadic grazing herd animals and are known to move up to 30 kilometres a day in the wild. They seek shelter from the elements whenever necessary. Therefore, our horses always have access to come and go from their stalls, even when on pasture! (rain or shine)

At Showcase, we provide as close to a natural environment as possible and encourage a social, SAFE and healthy atmosphere for all horses.

Showcase is a "drama" free barn, allowing you to enjoy a stress free place to simply enjoy your horse!

Join us and enjoy riding 365 days a year on this beautiful pristine estate.

Price varies with board options. Full, Semi and Self board is available.

Self board cost...$225
Semi board is..... $385
Full board cost....$450 (no grain)
Full board cost....$475 (grain inc)
Cracked hemp seeds are also included with full board.

Email for details: [email protected]

Come and see a more natural way to board your horse... care and safety is first and foremost here! Join us and enjoy being at the barn again.