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Important Notice to EC Competitors, Competition Organizers & Stewards

HCBC Staff
Created: May 3, 2016

Equine Canada would like to inform all competitors, stewards and competition organizers that clarifications have been made to the Person Responsible (PR) requirement outlined in the Rules of Equine Canada: Section A, General Regulations.

Person Responsible Rule: The clarifications to the PR rule were required following changes to EC’s By-laws during the transition under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA) in September 2015, which affected the terminology around members and licences. As a result of the new By-laws, the term EC member has been replaced with the term Registered Participant/non-competitive licence.


Person Responsible
The Person Responsible (PR) for a horse must be an adult who has or shares responsibility for the care, training, custody and performance of the horse, and who has official responsibility for that horse under EC Rules. The PR is liable under penalty provisions of the applicable EC Rules for any rule violations. Every entry form for an EC sanctioned competition must identify the PR and be signed by the PR.

The PR is ultimately responsible for the condition, fitness and management of the horse, and is alone responsible for any act performed by himself/herself, or any other person with authorized access to the horse, in the stables, elsewhere on the grounds, or while the horse is being ridden, driven or exercised.

A: For adult entries into EC sanctioned competitions, the PR shall be either the trainer, the owner of the horse, or the competitor who rides or drives the horse during the EC sanctioned competition.

B: For junior entries into EC sanctioned competitions, the junior competitor cannot be the PR. For junior entries, the PR may be either the trainer, the owners of the horse, or a parent/guardian of the junior competitor.

Registered Participant
Any person registered with Equine Canada, including Sport Licence Holders, and paying dues to obtain some benefit from Equine Canada.

The cost of a registered participant/non-competitive licence is $15. However, please note that all provincial equestrian federation members automatically receive EC registered participant status.

EC Member
Under the new EC By-laws, EC Members are defined as persons designated as representatives in one of three categories (Equestrian Sports, Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations, and National Equine Organizations) who meet the qualifications outlined in the By-laws and have been designated by their peers to have voting privileges in relation to EC governance.

Role of the Person Responsible at EC sanctioned competitions:

The Person Responsible (PR) is responsible and accountable under the violation and penalty provisions of EC Rules for the care, training, custody and performance of the horse and must be present at the competition as well as sign and provide a license/member number on the competition entry form.

The PR must sign the competition entry form at EC sanctioned competitions. The PR must be an EC Sport Licence Holder (which is inclusive of the Registered Participant/non-competitive licence) in good standing and/or a provincial federation member in good standing.

Please note: in the case of junior entries, a parent/guardian is entitled to sign as PR and must be at minimum, an EC Registered Participant in good standing. In the case of United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) member entries, the PR may be a USEF member in good standing.

For full details on the Person Responsible ruling and clarification, with changes visible, please refer to the Rules of Equine Canada, Section A.

Questions? Comments?
Further inquiries can be directed to:

Rachel Huebert
Manager, Technical Programs
Equine Canada
[email protected]
Toll free: 1-866-282-8395 x 115

Emilie Church
Coordinator, Competition Services
Equine Canada
[email protected]
Toll free: 1-866-282-8395 x 117

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