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BC Coach wins 2018 EC Competition Coach of the Year!

Wendy Sewell
Created: March 20, 2018

Congratulations to Maeve Drew

This award will recognize a current and active certified EC NCCP Coach working with competitive athletes. They respect everyone involved in competition and demonstrate good sportsmanship, focus on the complete development of their athletes, are a positive role model, have the ability to improve athlete performance, share knowledge with other coaches and continually strive to improve through professional development opportunities.

Maeve Drew
Maeve is an EC Competition Coach, and has been coaching for over 20 years. Her commitment to creating strong basics and fundamentals allows her riders to come up through the levels with confidence and solid skills. Her positive coaching style keeps the learning super fun and encouraging, and her focus on excellent care for the horses inspires riders to think of their equine partners first.
As well as coaching her core group of students at home on Vancouver Island, and coaching at Horse Trials Events and Clinics around BC and the US, Maeve puts a major amount of energy and time into our BC Developing Young Riders Program.
Maeve is our Horse Trials BC Young Rider Coach Leader, and has been since 2013. She has been responsible for the facilitation of activities for the BC Young Riders program. Her focus of bringing our entire group of YR’s together as a cohesive, supportive team is always noticed. Nurturing the Developmental YR program, she works hard to make sure that our YR’s have equal opportunities in the program, regardless of any potential barriers. Her positive energy is infectious, which rubs off all of the kids and committee members. She works endlessly at building and promoting a team atmosphere through our YR programming throughout the season, including off horse activities such as lectures, games, socials etc… Maeve makes sure that Cross Country Course Walks are organized and available for every BCYR at every BC Horse Trials. She holds the belief that it takes a village to raise these Young Riders in one of the toughest equestrian disciplines. She encourages all YR’s to be responsible, respectful, and supportive of everybody, and their equine partners. Maeve is always reminding YR’s the importance of volunteerism, by rounding up the kids whenever help is needed. Because of this, our YR’s are learning to be active members, contributing to their sport.
Bringing coaches together into the YR Program has been a goal of Maeve’s. With the belief that we are all stronger if we work together, to provide consistency for our riders, she has encouraged and welcomed BC coaches to be part of the YR Program. The proof of this inclusive model is coming to the forefront with two consecutive individual Gold Medals at NAJYRC’s in the 1 division for 2016 and 2017.
This past year, Maeve was Chef D’Quippe for our BC team at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships. She was the organizer of all things for the team, and her enthusiasm and support were tremendously appreciated under such a high calibre competition and stressful circumstances. First hand, I was able to see how she pulled the team together, and made sure all the details were ironed out ahead of time, which contributed immensely to the success of the 1 Canadian team winning bronze and to the amazing gold medal individual win by our own BC Tosca Holmes-Smith. I watched as tears streamed down her face, as she was singing the Canadian anthem, squeezing tightly the groom and supporters beside her, so extremely proud of the girls.
Maeve has represented Horse Trials BC for the last two years at the Annual EC Eventing Committee meetings in order to learn the inner workings of the Canadian Eventing Committee to promote the growth of the sport, to bring back new ideas, and to share some of the successful BCYR program characteristics with the rest of the country. She has been promoting our Developmental Young Rider program that fosters inclusivity at a young age with a tight knit group of riders. Some of these young riders will become the coaches, officials, and organizers of the future.
To conclude, I nominate Maeve Drew for Competitive Coach of the Year because of her outstanding dedication to her students and to our entire BCYR program, and for the understanding that it takes an entire team / village to raise an athlete to the international level of competition. By role modeling inclusivity, working together, and true sportsmanship, Maeve has added great depth to our BC YR Program, and we are so grateful for her contributions. This nomination is one way for me to say thank you for all of her hard work!!

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