Emergency Equine First Aid Clinic July 29/17 10am - 5pm Langley BC - Equine Health and Welfare

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Emergency Equine First Aid Clinic July 29/17 10am - 5pm Langley BC

EnJ Equine First Aid Training
Created: June 29, 2017


Emergency and Health Equine First Aid July 29/17 10am to 5pm Langley BC

As a horse owner, you must know how to recognize problems, respond promptly and take appropriate
action while waiting for the veterinarian to arrive.This is a full day course that covers EVERYTHING every horse owner should know about Emergency Equine First Aid.

For ONLY $149.00 you receive a Full Equine First Aid Manual, all Materials needed to complete the course, a Normal/Abnormal Equine Vitals Barn Card, and a Certificate of Completion.

This Course is a prerequisite to the Advanced/Remote/Wilderness First Aid Course. following this Clinic on
July 30th 2017 10-5pm $199.00

A few of the Topics that are Covered are:

Injury Prevention
Identifying Pain and Helping to Alleviate it
Conditioning a Horse to Accept Treatment
Equine Vitals ... Including what to watch out for!
Digestive and Respiratory Emergencies
Seizures and Collapse
Common Hoof Issues

If this Clinic date does not work for your busy schedule let bring the training to you and your facility with your fellow horse lovers!! And you train for free for hosting!!.... contact for more information and to arrange for me coming to you!!

Every Clinic can be specifically tailored to your demographic and discipline with core teachings.
[email protected]

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