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Emergency Equine First Aid Summer Clinics August 22, 2018

EnJ Equine First Aid Training
Created: June 24, 2018
Modified: July 29, 2018

EnJ Equine First Aid Training is offering Summer Introduction to Equine first aid and farm safety specifically designed for all levels of horse lovers.

Sign up today!! For any of our half or full day course designed to help horse owners/caregivers gain the confidence to make the best informed decisions about horses well being on a day to day basis or in the face of a real life emergency.

Know when to call your veterinarian and what to do until help arrives.

A fun interactive day of learning about horse health and first aid.

Includes: first aid manual, vital signs card and a certificate of completion.

Course qualifies as continuing education hours for coaches and most favourable rates with Capri liability farm Insurance.

What can you expect from attending a
EnJ Equine First Aid Training’s
Emergency Equine First Aid course?

  • Experience a higher level of skills when dealing with an equine emergency.
  • Experience a greater degree of confidence when dealing with an equine emergency.
  • Have a better understanding of what information is important for a veterinarian to know in advance of their travel to the horse in distress or the horse arriving at their clinic.
  • Feel more confident recognizing, identifying the onset of a digestive emergency such as colic, choke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, etc.
  • Become more familiar with issues and diseases of the hoof, and be more aware of actions to support the horse before, during, and after Veterinarian and Farrier treatment.

Through a hands on and repetitious approach, you will gain stronger understanding to effectively deal with all types of Equine Emergencies!!

Learn the latest information regarding products and methods for Equine First Aid, as we have ever evolving learning platform.

  • Have FUN and meet like-minded people in the horse world.
  • Overcome some fears regarding the horse and care of a sick or injured animal.

Your horse will benefit from a well-educated owner / horse Lover that has the skills to help them in an emergency situation.

Also - you will receive a first aid manual that includes:

What's Abnormal/What’s Normal (+Vital signs chart),When to Call for Assistance, Wounds, Bandaging, Collapse. Shock. Poison, Burns, Lameness, Nail puncture, Interference, Wrapping legs, Colic, Choke, Eye Injuries, Nose Bleed, Stings and Bites, Heat Stroke, First Aid Supplies needed...


First aid course is approximately 6 hours long.

Cost per person $159.00 we also have Farm Safety clinics, 1/2 Day condescend Emergency, Farm Safety / Horse first Aid for Kids and Advanced Equine First Aid for people living off the grid, Back Country, Eventing, Trail groups...

We cater to all ages and skill levels... if you’ve never handled a horse... not a problem we go over basic horse handling. Trailering basics, Disaster planning, buying a new farm we’ve got you covered with farm safety!!

EnJ Equine First Aid Training Travels all over BC....

Register Www.EnjEquineFirstaid.net
Email [email protected]
It is recommended that each barn/stable/club have at least one person onsite who is certified in equine first aid, and one person onsite who is certified in human first aid

We have the following dates of two day clinics , If you don`t see a date that works we can bring the training to you and you train for free!! just ask me how...

August 22, 2018 10am to 5pm
August 25 & 26th 2018 5pm to 8pm two day split clinic
Sept 19 & 20th 2018 5pm to 8pm two day split clinic
Oct 17 & 20th 2018 5pm to 8pm two day split clinic
Nov 17& 18th 2018 5pm to 8pm two day split clinic

Www.EnJEquineFirstAid.net phone: 604-290-2554

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