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Project Stallion

Trinity Baumel-Sutter
Created: September 9, 2017

Frankie is looking for a new home, someone with lots of training experience.

Frankie is a four year old stallion who we believe to be a Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker cross, We're not quite sure as his Dam lived in an open field with a lot of stallions and the people we bought him off of had no idea as to who his Sire is. We brought Frankie to our farm when he was still in his Dam's belly, where he was born about 4 years ago which means he was born right here on our farm in one of the stalls. We are all sad to see him go but I believe it is what's best for him. I know there will be questions as to why he's not yet gelded and my answer is really unfortunate but true, I just don't have the money to at this point in time. Frankie is a loving horse who loves to cuddle but he can also have a bit of an attitude sometimes. He has two blue eyes and believe it or not but he is a paint, not that it shows considering he's pretty much all white (so you can imagine how dirty he is) with only two brown spots on the middle of his back, some brown in his white tail and two black spots, one on the corner of his mouth the other under his forelock. I have only trained him in the basics with the advice from my coach as I am only a beginner. He is good with haltering, okay for putting a fly mask on and off and its tough to get a jacket on him but it is doable. His feet have been farried a handful of times and he can get a bit antsy and he's only been saddled once. He has been around other horses all his life as well as our dogs, ducks and geese, and our farm cat, he also adores children. Frankie will be the perfect project horse for someone with experience that can train him to his full potential, we believe he will make a great jumper! Please keep in mind ad you finish reading this ad that I am a beginner (having only been riding and owning horses for just over four years) who made the mistake of buying a really young horse while having a full time job and expecting people to help who backed out. If you have any questions or would like more pictures of Frankie feel free to email me at [email protected] or call/text me at 250-713-0110 (I usually don't get home from work till late afternoon most days so text is preferred).

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