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Sweet handsome unraced16hh 11 yr old TB gelding looking for soft rider

Shelley Cogger
Created: September 5, 2018

Sale or on property lease: Tucker needs a new fun loving confident partner

If you want the most affectionate,quirky sweet boy this is him. I cant bring myself to sell unless exactly the right fit (field etc)as he is a bit special needs but he is so easy to fall in love with for the right person. You must be confident...patient..have a sense of humor and you wont find a more fun ride.No beginners please...he is on CVP but isnt really a trail horse if you want a quiet bold ride....I HAVE trail ridden him but its not really his forte. With the right rider/partnership/lessons etc I have no problem with him going out tho...Anyhow, flexible days....on property lease or sale asking $7500... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VqICZAJST8&app=desktop


May 15 | Valerie McKay

I am interested in leasing Tucker. I am interested in riding 2 days/wk. I have a horse but can not ride her at the moment due to an injury. Where are you located?

S Langley .What is your experience/discipline/comfort level? I am away Wed thru Sunday...

May 15 | Valerie McKay

I am a mature adult rider with many years of riding including showing Hunters 3'+ and Dressage 3rd Level. I am comfortable with most horses but not interested in a horse that bucks/unruly behavior. I would like to lease close to Aldergrove Abbotsford area.

I am at 8th and 212th....You sound like it might be a fit but I am away now til Monday...

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