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Lauren Fraser Equine Behaviorist

Help for horse behavior problems, using proven, low-stress techniques.

Horse behavior or training problems can develop at any stage in a horse's life. These issues can be frustrating, inconvenient, or can even make a horse dangerous to handle. To complicate matters, it can be difficult for owners to know how to choose a suitable horse behavior professional in what is an unregulated industry.

Choosing a qualified professional to help you with a horse behavior problem is crucial. Commonly used training techniques can worsen existing behavior problems, or create new ones - like fear or aggression.

Lauren Fraser is a horse behavior specialist. She has the education and experience to help solve horse behavior problems, using effective methods that both you and your horse can feel good about. She works with clients in-person from the Sea-to-Sky corridor to the Fraser Valley of BC, and remotely world-wide.

Lauren also produces educational events on horse behavior and training. These events range from monthly workshops for horse owners, to RACE certified online courses for equine veterinarians. Visit her website, email, or call for more information.

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