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EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Equine First Aid Training provides horse lovers with confidence and skills to recognize and treat your horse until the vet arrives

EnJ Equine First Aid Training is dedicated to Educating Horse Lovers in Equine First Aid.

Equine First aid Training is new to BC. Having First Aid skills will not only save your horses life, if you are looking for employment in the horse industries having equine first aid training on your resume will get you noticed.

Experience a higher level of skills and confidence when dealing with an equine emergency.

Have a better understanding of what information is important for a veterinarian to know in advance of their travel to the horse in distress or the horse arriving at their clinic.

EnJ Equine First Aid Training is must have for anyone in the Equine Community

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Phone: 604-290-2554

21448A 18th Ave
Langley, BC