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Fox Song Farm

Come home to your herd ... Offering Equine-facilitated Health and Wellness counseling/coaching/mentoring.

Vision: Promoting wellbeing through herd connection.

To inspire health and wellbeing through Equine-facilitated and other therapeutic activities that meet the needs of clients undergoing health and wellness challenges due to life stage, family, and situational transitions, including menopause, stress and distress, ageing, grief and loss, chronic disease, vocational shifts and professional burnout.

Wellbeing and working with animals ...

The philosophy of wellbeing that Fox Song and Kindle Health holds is one that acknowledges our connection with Creation and our fellow-creatures. We learn many lessons about wellness through nature, and in particular through socially-structured groups, such as horse herds. 'Herd' manifests as collaborative mutuality--within ourselves and among our family, friends and colleagues--mirrored in our herd partners.

Within ourselves, we look to the connected mutuality of body and soul, heart and mind in the four pillars of wellness: purpose, balance, congruence, sustainability (Stinson, 2013).

Connecting to our external herd through collaborative communication, we weave in the threads of appreciation, altruism, and presence-ing. The four wellness pillars (purpose, balance, congruence, sustainability) manifest-in-the-moment, promoting well-being that embodies connection.

Our animals are appreciated as sentient partners. We seek to provide them with an environment that promotes their own well-being and we include them respectfully in our work, striving to move toward mutuality in decision-making.

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Aldergrove, BC