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Helmet Changes to be implemented!

HCBC Staff
Created: July 28, 2015

SEI Standards for 2016

This was just posted on the Dover Saddlery Website:

We would like to inform you about an upcoming helmet certification standard change that is scheduled to be implemented for the beginning of 2016.

Helmets currently on the market with ASTM F1163-04a/SEI Certified status and being used retain their existing SEI certification as they passed the standard at the time they were manufactured, and will remain so for the life of the helmet.

For its certification program, SEI reviews and adopts all ASTM safety standards. ASTM Typically updates its standards every 5-6 years, and sometimes more frequently, based on new scientific information and technology. ASTM modified its safety standards for helmets in 2016; SEI has adopted this edition of the standard.

Helmets manufacturers will submit their current helmet styles for testing to SEI and either pass or exceed the new requirements for the updated standard.

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