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Stacey Levitt Memorial Award

HCBC Staff
Created: February 14, 2017

$2500.00 Award for Canadian High School Students

The Stacey Levitt Memorial Award was created in 2013 by Ned and Cheryl Levitt,
in memory and celebration of their daughter Stacey’s life. Stacey was just 18 years
old when she was struck and killed by a car while out running. This annual
student award encourages Canadian youth to embody Parachute’s overarching
goal of a long life lived to the fullest, while maintaining an approach that is rooted
in risk management and injury prevention.

The Levitt family will award the selected recipient $2,500 to ultimately live their
life to the fullest. This can be accomplished through extension of education,
engagement in sports and recreational activities, or investment into a travel
experience, all pursuits that would have resonated with Stacey. Grant recipients
will be expected to write a reflection on the impact of the funding on their life, due
within one year of the distribution of funds.

Application Process
Open to all students currently attending a Canadian secondary school. Applicants
must complete a comprehensive application package including:
•Application form (available below)
•A letter of recommendation from an individual with first-hand knowledge of the
applicant’s involvement in their school or community
•A short essay (2 pages, size 12 font) addressing the following questions:
• How do you demonstrate a long life lived to the fullest?
• How are you helping others to achieve this?
• How do you demonstrate Parachute’s brand values of nobility, courage,
and inclusivity?
• If successful, how do you intend to use the funding provided by the
Stacey Levitt Memorial Award?

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