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Equestrian Canada Horse Day 2017

HCBC Staff
Created: May 12, 2017

June 3, 2017

Ottawa, ON, May 11, 2017 – Have you registered an event yet for Horse Day 2017 coming up on June 3, 2017? Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the ninth anniversary of Horse Day, created to raise public awareness and promote the beloved horse.

Across the country, events and celebrations will take place on June 3 to allow Canadians of all ages and experience levels to honour, discover and explore the equestrian world. This year’s Horse Day will be a special year for the celebration of the horse, as 2017 also marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, as well as the 250th anniversary of horse racing in Canada.

Make Horse Day part of your year of celebration in 2017. There are many ways to jump in and get involved in Horse Day 2017:
To learn more go to www.equestrian.ca/events-results/horseday or contack Julie Cull at [email protected]

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