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January 23, 2023: Understanding the NCCP Locker

Start Time:1:00pm
End Time:2:30pm
End Date:January 23, 2023
Introduction:This is a free webinar for EC Certified Coaches and Instructors
Contact Name:Wendy Sewell
Contact Email:[email protected]
Contact Phone:604-856-4304 ext 1004

HCBC is hosting a free webinar for EC Coaches and Instructors. The topic is "Understanding the NCCP Locker". We will cover how to use the Locker, who enters what, what qualifies as PD, self reporting, the role of EC, HCBC and the NCCP within the Locker. Start time is 1:00. 


Meeting ID: 830 6460 6039

Passcode: 828955