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June 12, 2023: EC Certified Coach Webinar Mental Skills

Start Time:12:00pm
End Time:1:30pm
End Date:June 12, 2023
Contact Name:Wendy Sewell
Contact Email:[email protected]
Contact Phone:6048564304

Annika McGivern is back to facilitate a EC Certified Coach and Instructor webinar. The topic will be ways to support your students and developing confidence for these athletes. 

Pre-registration is required. All participants will receive 2 Professional Development Points for taking part in this webinar.

From Annika's website: 

I am a Sport and Exercise Psychology Coach. I work with people to help them reach their goals and get them training and competing with confidence along the way. My work focuses on optimizing your ability to use your mind as a resource. We want your mind working for you, instead of against you!

I grew up as an equestrian athlete and as such, I am no stranger to the challenging cycle of self-doubt, worry and burnout that so often accompanies the decision to push yourself towards big goals. My mission is to help you be very successful at the things that are important to you, while also helping you find more joy and excitement in the process of building that success and achievement. Performance and well-being are inextricably linked. When we sacrifice our well-being for performance, we are unknowingly sabotaging our performance at the same time.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Ulster University. I am also an Equine Canada Competition Coach. I specialize in building new beliefs, mindsets and habits that form the foundation of confidence and consistent performance.

By training your belief systems, mindset, goal clarity and internal habits you can achieve higher performance alongside a calm, confident and energized state of mind.