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January 25, 2024: Trauma Informed Coaching Workshop Session 2

Start Time:10:00am
End Time:12:00pm
End Date:January 25, 2024
Introduction:Facilitated by Megan Pinfield, a clinical counsellor that specializes in working with equestrians. A series of 4 separate workshops designed to give Equestrian Coaches, of all disciplines, the skills they need to work with Riders from diverse backgrounds experiencing fear, anxiety or trauma related to riding. Coaches will be provided with model for coaching riders with fear issues that is in line with neuropsychology and learning theory. This series is designed to be taken sequentially but coaches may opt to register for single sessions if they are not able to attend all 4. The material in each workshop builds on the previous material covered.
Contact Email:[email protected]

Workshop #2

Topics covered:

  • What is Trauma? How common is Trauma? What is a traumatic event?

    How our early life experiences affect our brain development and response to stressful situations

    Understanding Adverse Childhood experiences

    Thinking beyond Fight or Flight

    Recognizing the symptoms of PTSD, Acute stress disorder, and Dissociation

    Understanding and recognizing Vicarious Trauma in Coaches and Trainers