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How to use the search engine to find a coach or instructor in your area.

This search engine will allow you to search for a coach or instructor by name, partial name, discipline, city, zone or region. The parameters can be put in singularly or you can choose several parameters to base your search on.

If you are looking for a coach in a specific city you can choose that city from the drop-down menu and click on search. If you are looking for a coach who teaches English lessons you can choose English from the drop down and click search. To find a coach that teaches English somewhere in the Lower Mainland you would choose English from the drop-down menu and then Region Fraser Valley West from the zone drop-down menu. You can also just choose Western as the discipline and no other search parameters and you will see all of the Current and Certified Western Coaches in BC.

Find the region map here:

How to Read the Search

  1. Current and Active Certified Coaches and Instructors: Those with contact information showing are professionally current and active and have opted to have their contact information displayed. Coaches will be listed according to the latest certificate obtained.
  2. If a coach or instructor is not listed, they have not been certified by Equestrian Canada or they are not considered “current” at this time. Non-Current status may be missing updates or late submission of a requirement.
  3. Equestrian Canada Licensed. When you see a red badge beside a coach name it indicates that this coach has undergone further screening and training and is also EC Licensed. Further information about coach licensing is here: programs-services/coaches/coach-status-program
  4. Instructors and Coaches who are trained to administer the tests are identified in their listing. The coach/instructor must be current, EC certified and licensed to test riders.
  5. Select a Coach or Instructor at the level appropriate to your needs.

Check out this link for more information regarding the Equestrian Canada Coach programs that HCBC administers.

Equestrian Canada Instructor: is trained and certified to teach beginners how to ride/drive a horse

Equestrian Canada Competition Coach: is trained and certified to improve and consolidate a rider’s skills. This coach can coach a rider who is competing at local or national competitions or a recreational rider wanting to improve their riding skills.

Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Specialist: is trained and certified to further a riders skills to compete at a high level of competition in a specific discipline (Jump, Dressage, Eventing, Western Speed Events, Western General Performance or Reining)

HCBC takes pride in all of our coaches. We are not able to recommend one coach over another to individuals seeking instruction/coaching. We can however, provide educational resources to individuals on how to select the right level of coach. If you do not see your coach's name on this list, please have them get in touch with the HCBC directly.

HCBC Privacy Statement
The contact information on this webpage is published for the purpose of athletes or parents to be able to contact certified coaches and Instructors regarding their equestrian coaching business. This information is not to be used for sales, promotion, creating bulk email lists or any business reasons. HCBC adheres to current Privacy Laws and never gives out or publishes lists of emails, either for coaches or members.

Coaches and Instructors, if you would like your email removed from this site, please contact [email protected]