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3151 Lakeshore Road #4509
Kelowna, BC

Phone: 250-378-1670

11460 Hwy 97C
Merritt, BC

[email protected]

Phone: 778-220-7898

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5504 Rodeo Drive
Kamloops, BC

PO Box 878, 3484 Jackson Road
Cache Creek, BC

#308 686 Lequime Road
Kelowna, BC

1465 Cariboo Pl
Kamloops, BC

[email protected]

Phone: 250-307-0077

2300 Bradley Drive
Armstrong, BC

8225 Loakin Bear Creek Rd
Chase, BC

6388 Weir Rd.
Knutsford, BC

[email protected]

Phone: 2504884310

1503 Green Mountain Road
Penticton, BC

[email protected]

Phone: 250-215-2105

199 Reynolds Rd
Kelowna, BC

PLAY-ing our way well !! Equine facilitated learning and mounted play and healing. engaging bodies, minds and souls.

[email protected]

Phone: 6047417797

137 saddlehorn drive
kaleden, BC